A Family Affair

It has only taken me 3 days to decide that marathon training is a family affair. Because running takes time and preparation, it affects everyone in the household.  This week Aaron has been at practice early in the morning so I have tried to schedule my runs so that I am home in time to get Cash up, fed and walked so that Jill doesn’t have to.  But, 2 out of 3 mornings this week Cash has woken up early.  Luckily I have Jill who is willing to help get him up and ready to start the day.  Thanks Jill!

To keep the whole family informed of my training schedule, I have a copy stuck to the fridge:

This way Aaron doesn’t have to keep asking how far I will be running tomorrow or the next day. I also have a copy of my daily schedule on my Google Calendar where I also track my actual workouts vs. planned. I like the copy on the fridge because it kind of acts like a countdown!

I think it is funny because the title of the plan looks like it reads “Chicago or Bust”. I am not running the Chicago marathon, but rather just used my new Chicago magnet to affix the plan to the fridge. Side note:  Aaron and I started a tradition a few years ago to always buy a magnet at the airport when we travel to new cities.  It is an inexpensive way to keep memories of our travels.

I am also going to add a tab to the blog to track all of my mileage, so keep an eye out for that!

How do you keep your family involved in your training without becoming a burden on them and their schedules?


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