Charity Day

I have officially deemed yesterday “Charity Day”.  My day was full of calls and meetings with 3 non-profit groups I am a part of.

The first was a phone interview with Team in Training.  I have participated with Team in Training for both an Olympic triathlon and my first century ride.  It is a great organization!

Later in the afternoon I had an accounting training call with the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network.  My best friend Teresa lost her father to Pancreatic Cancer almost two years ago, so we are all very passionate about raising awareness for the cause. Pancreatic Cancer is one of the deadliest cancers but is also one of the least funded for research dollars.

Teresa is the Events Coordinator for the Denver chapter and I am doing what I can to help her put on the 5th Annual Golden Gallop taking place on September 11th.  I have been helping with the website and just providing all the moral support I can.  I can’t wait to fly out to Denver in a few weeks and see it all come together!

Lastly, I had coaches training for Girls on the Run. As a board member and former coach, I was there to help train this season’s coaches.  The training was from 7-9:30, so I came home POOPED!

I had two turkey tacos before heading to training but snacked on an 18 Rabbits bar and an apple while there.  I LOVE 18 Rabbits bars, especially the Cheeky Cherry Chocolate flavor.  YUMMM.

What a day!  I love giving back and and being involved – it makes me feel more productive than a normal work day!


One thought on “Charity Day

  1. i just stumbled across your blog from healthy living blogs, because you are in the same area as me.

    i am very interested in getting involved with the “girls on the run” program, and was wondering if you would mind if i contact you with questions and to receive more information? i didn’t realize we had a location here in sac!

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