There’s Always Time to Ice

I am about to head out to the woods for a long weekend of camping for my 27th birthday! But before we hit the road, I hit the road for a 9 mile training run. I finished in just over 1:30 which included a couple breaks for fueling and potty stopping.

I ran from my house to a park that is 3 miles from home. I then did 3 laps around the park (each lap is 1 mile) and ran the 3 miles back home. I really like breaking up my long runs by doing the middle miles at the park. It feels less lonely and there are always lots of people, so I can distract myself with people watching.

I felt great during the middle miles (3-5) but the last two miles my legs started to ache. I just went to another place and got in a rhythm and before I knew, I was turning my last corner and heading for home.

I was crunched for time because my brother was supposed to be over at 9 to pick me up and I needed to pack the ice chests, shower and pack a few last minute items. My brother is ALWAYS super punctual (as am I), so I knew I needed to hurry. But I really wanted to squeeze in an ice bath, too. I knew how much better it would make me feel for the rest of the weekend and even if it meant I had to rush a little more or make my bro wait a few minutes, it would be worth it. There is always time to ice!

I frozen my tushy off for 10 minutes while watching Trigger think about joining me. Can you believe I have a dog who doesn’t like water but a cat who loves it? My animals are goofy and I love them!

Aaron won’t be joining us until tomorrow evening (the life of a football coach) but he will be bringing Cash for his first camping trip! I am so excited. I haven’t been camping for years and can’t wait to be outside all weekend with no cell phones, TVs or internet.

See you all on Monday for a birthday camping recap!


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