Back to Civilization

I’m back! I am finally showered for the first time since Friday morning.  Gross, I know – but I was camping! Yesterday was my 27th birthday and I decided a few weeks ago I wanted to go camping.  It had been SO long since I had been camping last and I had a blast.  We spent the days by the lake, and mornings and evenings by the fire.

There was lot of junk food eaten, marshmallows roasted and laughs heard round the campsite. I seriously had a great time with my brother, his girlfriend and our friends Bayley and Pat! And Cash got to come on his first camping trip.  He was so happy the whole time! And he slept so well in the tent because he was so tired from all of his exploring.

Now it is back to civilization and reality.  And back to marathon training.  I walked a lot while camping but did not run.  We were at 8,000 feet altitude, and was out of breath just walking uphill.  But today I decided I want to go back up the mountain during training sometime for altitude training – just like Deana! Hehe.

Tomorrow I am back on schedule for training with a 4 mile run.  Should be interesting since I have not been fueling ideally!  Until then, I leave you with some highlights from the weekend:


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