Less Than Ideal

Today I had a less than ideal run in less than ideal conditions. Last night was a late night because of Aaron’s football game (we lost – sad face) and this morning was an early morning.  I volunteered at our Girls on the Run booth at the Race for the Arts here in town. With a 7AM set-up time and not getting home until noon, I didn’t have time for a morning run. But I had a great time at the booth, sharing my passion for GOTR.

6 hours of sleep + midday run = not a happy Mandy

I struggled through 4 miserable miles.  I wasn’t properly fueled or rested for the run and even though it was only 75 degrees out, the sun felt like it was beating down on me. I tried to tell myself that an occasional run in less than ideal circumstances can be a good thing. You never know what is going to happen on race day, how you will be feeling or what the weather will be like. Please note that running when you are not properly rest, fueled or hydrated is not recommended and can actually hinder your training efforts.

I try to look at every bad run as a learning experience. What I learned today:

  • If I have to run in the middle of the day, do it around the neighborhood. The bike path was just too hot. When I got back to my hood, the extra shade meant it felt at least 10 degrees cooler.
  • Run in the morning whenever possible.  Remembering how much I hate running later in the day will help me get out of bed.
  • Miles are miles, and every mile counts. While those 4 miles might not improve my fitness or endurance greatly, it still will add 4 miles to my weekly total.

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