Why I Like Long Runs

Would you believe me if I told you my 9 miler today was easier than my 4 miler yesterday? Today was my last single-digit long run for marathon training. Every Sunday from now until December will be double digits. EEKK!

It is amazing the difference in today’s run vs. yesterday’s. Being well-rested, properly fueled and hydrated makes such a difference. My first couple miles were kind of slow, but that is why I like long runs – it gives me time to get in my groove. It takes me a couple miles to get warmed up, and then it just clicks.

I had toast with almond butter and half a banana + coffee before the run. Throughout the run I sipped on Hammer Pertetuem mixed with water and had a packet of Sharkies at the halfway point.

I have been taking Perpetuem with me on all my long runs, and really like it.  It is more calorie dense and sports drinks, which means I get to take in calories while hydrating and don’t have to eat as much solid foods on the run. I usually don’t have much of an appetite while running, but know I need to take in calories, so I force down chews and Gus. Drinking Perpetuem means I don’t have to force down as much solid food.

This week I also grabbed some Electrolyte Enhanced Water from Trader Joe’s. I drank a liter of it the night before my 5 miler on Friday and the run felt great. I drank another liter last night and felt nicely hydrated this morning. It may be totally mental, but I don’t care – I like it!

You know another reason why I like long runs? Because that means tomorrow is a complete rest day. And rest day means I get to have this:

Happy Sunday!


One thought on “Why I Like Long Runs

  1. hahaha, I’m the same way–I totally like long runs because I can have some wine!

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