New Training Rules

As week 3 of marathon training begins, I don’t really feel like I am training for a marathon. I am sure as my long runs creep into the double digits this week that will all change. Maybe I am just getting used to running 25+ miles a week and running 5 days a week? Either way, I want to start getting serious about this training thing because, let’s face it, a marathon is pretty serious business.

Writing down my intentions and announcing it to the blog world (and my friends and family) means I have a better chance of following through. Here are some new training “rules” I want to incorporate into my routine.

Stretching and Yoga. I sound like a broken record! Why is stretching so hard for me? I know I am not the only one who neglects stretching. I am going to hold myself to at least 20 minutes of stretching or yoga everyday – and I am going to time myself. In my head I know how important it is and how much better it makes me feel. I also need to get back to my Saturday yoga in the park classes. The last 3 or 4 Saturdays I have been out of town or busy and really miss the 75 minute power Vinyasa sessions.

Booze. I have already cut back my alcohol intake, but I think I am going to cut it back even more. The only day I will drink will be Sundays. It will be my reward for finishing each training week and each long run. Since Mondays are my only total rest days, it will work out well. For past events I have completely cut out alcohol during training, but I don’t want to do that. I feel rewarding myself with a glass of wine or two will be great motivation! 🙂

Cheese. I was talking to Bridgette last week and she was talking about how she once cut out cheese while training for a marathon. She said she lost some extra lbs. and felt great. I started thinking about it and really don’t want to cut out cheese completely. I know I could, although it would be hard, but I just don’t want to. But I am going to try to be conscious of the cheese I eat and try to cut back a little. I could eat cheese at every meal and every snack if I thought it would be acceptable.

Other dairy. In addition to being conscious of my cheese intake, I am going to watch dairy in other forms, too. I have heard a lot about the benefits of limiting dairy intake. I don’t eat a lot of dairy other than cheese – a little milk in my coffee and ice cream and frozen yogurt. I am going to opt for dairy-free sorbet. When I eat ice cream or frozen yogurt, my tummy often feels a little off, but not with the sorbet. Double Rainbow has to flavors I love – Chocolate and Mango Tangerine. They are super flavorful, rich, yet low in calories.

Other sweets. I typically am not a sweets person. If you put a bowl of candy in front of me, chocolate and chips and salsa and told me I could only pick one, I would pick the chips and salsa every time. I do like to have a little bit of dessert every night, though. I will continue to indulge in that, but eliminate any other sugar. This shouldn’t be too hard, though.

Training Run Recap

Today called for an easy 3 mile run. 3 miles?! That felt like a gift. I love that 3 miles feels like nothing. I can’t wait until 10 miles feels like no big deal, too. Instead of taking it slow and easy, I decided to push it. I wanted to finish with a 9 minute per mile pace or faster. I wound up running 3.13 miles in 26:40! I even stopped for about 30 seconds to help some people with directions, so my running time was even faster than that.  That’s an 8:30 pace and it hurt so good!


2 thoughts on “New Training Rules

  1. Jessica says:

    Where do you do yoga in the park?

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