Itching for a Race

What motivates you during training? I have often heard the benefits of signing up for races during training, but have never done it. Mostly because races are $$$ and I am not $$$.  It has been awhile since I’ve done a race and I have the itch. This week’s long run is a 12-miler, so when I read about a half marathon trail race, my interest was piqued.

The race is the Run on the Sly and it takes place Sunday morning at 3,500 feet elevation (I live at 26 feet) and is on wooded trails. It sounds like it could be a great training run for a few reasons:

  • Change of scenery – I don’t have a lot of true running trails close by, so it would be a fun change of pace. Yet it isn’t really hardcore trail running in that fact that much of the race will be on fire roads, so I won’t need new gear.
  • No pressure – I don’t do trail running, so I will not feel the same pressure to beat my PR like I might in a road race. I also wouldn’t feel guilty taking walking breaks
  • Altitude training – I would feel like Deena Kastor training in Big Bear (ha, not quite!)
  • I love being active on holiday weekends – I feel better about eating BBQ and drinking beer when I run a race on a major holiday.

What do you think? I don’t know if it would make much sense since it is an hour away, but I kind of want to.  I have some time to think because online registration has closed and I can’t register until packet pick up on Saturday. I need some words of wisdom!


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