It’s Not Supposed to Be Easy

This morning during my 5 mile run I had to remind myself that marathon training is not supposed to be easy. If it was easy, it would be something that only 1% of people accomplish. When I am struggling on a run I tend to get frustrated. Reminding myself that it is supposed to be challenging keeps me focused and lets me enjoy the pain.

I ran 5.16 miles in 47:40, a 9:14/mile pace.  The second half of my run was much faster than the first half because that is when I remembered if it was easy, everybody would do it!

Right when I got home, I got on the floor and started stretching.  I did 23 minutes of foam rolling and stretching, and it felt great.  Some of my favorite stretches for runners:


Forward Fold

Crescent Lunge

Down Dog

Time to have a prodictive day because I have so much to do by Tuesday. I will be working a lot over the weekend, but will squeeze in some fun stuff like BBQ and pool time along with Yoga in the Park and a 12 miler on Sunday.  Double digits, here I come! It’s been awhile!


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