They Don’t Call it Labor Day for Nothin’

Ahh, Labor Day weekend. Three days of end-of-summer bliss. Right? Well, I don’t have any big travel plans for the weekend, but I am still looking forward to it. But, since it is called Labor Day, I will also be working! The curse of the freelancer – if you procrastinate, you will have to work weekends and holidays! I have three projects I need to get wrapped up by Tuesday.

But there are still lots of things I am excited about for the weekend:
– Friday night High School Football game! Hoping for a big improvement from last week’s game!
– Yoga in the Park Saturday morning
– 12 mile run on Sunday. First double-digit run in over a year!!!
– Laying by the pool reading my new Runner’s World
– BBQing by the pool and drinking adult beverages (is it Sunday afternoon yet)

Last Labor Day weekend we were packing up this:

And doing this:

So pretty much anything feels like a relaxing Labor Day weekend compared to packing, moving, driving 600 miles and unpacking!

I can’t believe we have been here a year. The time has totally flown by and we have been through so many changes.  The best thing to happen during the year we have lived in Sacramento?  This little guy:

Who’s all grown up now:


One thought on “They Don’t Call it Labor Day for Nothin’

  1. Happy Labor Day weekend! I wish you were moving again this weekend only this time to Colorado!

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