Switching Up My Saturday

Happy Labor Day weekend!  What are you crazy kids up to?  Not too much exciting here, but I am really looking for to tomorrow around 10AM.  By that time I will be done with my 12 mile run and ready to hang by the pool, have some cocktails and relax!

I have made an executive decision regarding my marathon training plan.  I have been toying around with dropping from 5 days of running a week to 4 and I think I am going to go ahead and do that.  I just couldn’t bring myself to run 5 miles this morning when I have 12 scheduled for tomorrow. Instead, I ran 1 mile with the dog and then went to a 75 minute power Vinyasa yoga class in the park.

I am going to make Saturday a yoga day and maybe include a couple easy miles depending how I feel.  In order to not miss out on too many total miles each week, I will add a mil here and there to my weekday runs.I think 5 days of running might be too much for my body, so I would rather focus on stretching, yoga and cross training than get injured.

I rode my bike to and from yoga and came home, cleaned the house and tried to rest. I was TIRED today! I gave in to my exhaustion and Cash and I took a nap for an hour and a half! Off to house sit, rest and run 12 miles tomorrow.  Wish me luck!


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