A Competitive Finish

Hello again, double digits! It has been way too long! I tackled 12 miles today and it went pretty well considering the 3 mile jump in mileage from last week. I didn’t sleep great last night because we are housesitting for friends. Sleeping in a new house plus 4 dogs and a cat meant I was up and down all night.

Regardless of how well I slept, I was up at 6, and out the door at 6:45. I drove to the river to run on the bike trail. I ran a new route that I have never ran, only biked.

I had a few kinks to work out during the first 6 miles including a potty stop. I was also nervous about running on the trail alone. I was on the look out for shady characters, mountain lions and crazy turkeys.

I drank a bottle of Perpetuem throughout the run and at the turn around point I had an Espresso flavored Hammer Gel. After the first 6 miles, the trail was no longer deserted, so I felt more comfortable and less alone. There was a big training group spread out along the trail, so my competitive side came out as I started passing other runners.  There was this one girl who I passed, but she was on my tail. Knowing she was right behind me kept my pace up. I finished the second half of the run 7 minutes faster than the first! I finished in 1:58:00.

When I got back to my car, I mixed up a bottle of Recoverite and drank it right away. I had the citrus flavor, which I didn’t love, but I gulped it down because I knew it would help my recovery. I also had half a banana in the car.

When I got home I took an ice bath, stretched and foam rolled.  So far, feeling pretty good.  I know I will be a little sore later and tomorrow, but that’s how I know I worked hard! One thing I did notice during the run is that I really need to work on my core. I have been slacking on my core work and could feel my lower back hurting a little bit at the end of the run. Strengthening my core (and my whole body) will help take pressure off the muscles that get used over and over while running. Note to self: MUST DO STRENGTH TRAINING.

Now I am drinking mimosas and thinking about laying by the pool.  Poor Aaron got sick this morning, so he is napping and I am hoping he just ate something yucky and will feel better after some sleep. Poor baby! Send him feel-better vibes!

Hopefully the hardest decision I have to make all day is what to eat! 🙂


3 thoughts on “A Competitive Finish

  1. Kate says:

    I love finishing strong 🙂 Thanks for the reminder re: core work- I need some too!

  2. Nice job. You are running 12 miles and I am off to make modernation broccoli slaw.

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