My Kind of Happy Hour

I am definitely a morning workout person. I have more energy in the morning and like to get it taken care of so I can get on with my day. This morning I just couldn’t get myself up and out the door. Since Aaron had an away game tonight, I knew I could do my run in the evening and not miss out on anything. I planned to change at the office and stop at the park on my way home to run 6 miles.

That didn’t happen. Today it was really warm, and it was still 90 degrees when I was on my way home. So I came home, had dinner, digested and then hit the road.

I ran 5.06 miles in 47:20, a pace of 9:21. I felt really good on this run and felt pretty fast. My legs were tight, though. I have been neglecting my stretching, and also have been wearing heels more often now that I’m in the office. I also really need new shoes. I think that is on my list for when I get paid next week. I can’t wait. I want to get fit and have my stride analyzed so I can get the best shoes for me. I always know I need new shoes when my Achilles starts to get tight on runs.

I could have easily skipped tonight’s run, but I am glad I didn’t. And I REALLY need yoga in the morning – it isn’t negotiable!


One thought on “My Kind of Happy Hour

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