Perfect Start

Last night’s 5 mile run was the perfect end to the week, and this morning was the perfect start to the weekend. I woke at 8 after a blissful 9 hours of sleep (yay!) an fed the animals, and took Cash for a short walk. Aaron then dropped me off at Yoga in the Park on his way to football practice. I had an amazing practice this morning – I really needed that. And I randomly ran into one of my new co-workers and a fellow Girls on the Run board member, so that was fun!

I walked the 3 miles home from yoga which was really nice. My legs were totally tired from yoga, though. I stopped to treat myself to a non-fat Cafe au Lait from Peet’s. I only buy myself coffee once or twice a month as a special treat and today was the day! It was nice to enjoy my treat on my walk home.

I also took the time to stop and smell the most amazing smelling rose along the way. It was fabulous!

The rest of my day includes resting up for tomorrow’s 15 miler, buying a gift for the bridal shower I am attending tomorrow afternoon, grocery shopping, washing my car and the dog and maybe some laundry. That sounds like a lot, but I know I won’t feel like doing any of that tomorrow!

Now my tummy is growling, so I’m off to feed the beast. Have a fabulous Saturday!


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