A Great Accomplishment Flushed Down the Toilet

Literally! I try not to be negative, but yesterday should have been an amazing day but instead was awful. I woke up an ran 15 miles – 1.9 miles more than I have ever run in my life! I was so proud of myself, and while my time wasn’t the greatest, it was all about distance, not pace. I finished in 2:35:00 which is a 10:20 per mil pace and included several minutes of walking due to stomach issues and an emergency potty stop for said tummy issues.

The first 5 miles of the run I had to work some kinks out, but once I got the the turn around point, the last 7.5 miles were great. I didn’t stop to walk or rest at all. I took in about 300 calories on the run in three forms – 100 calories in liquid form (Perpetuem), 100 in gu form (Hammer gel) and 100 in gummy form (Sharkies).

When I got home I immediately downed a Recoverite and hopped in an ice bath.  Aaron made me a wonderful breakfast, but I could really eat much of it. I didn’t think much of it and just assumed the new distance was delaying my appetite and I would be stuffing my face later.

After breakfast I quickly got dressed and headed out to a bridal shower. All I wanted to do was go to bed and take a nap with Cash, but I sucked it up and knew once I got there I would be glad I went. Eh, not so much. I started feeling worse and worse as time went by. My stomach was feeling awful – I was so sick to my stomach. The shower was really cute, though. It was Julia Child themed and we all got these cute aprons and made personalized mini quiches. When the quiches came out of the oven I almost lost it. I wound up leaving early because I just couldn’t take it anymore.

I had a 30 minute drive home and the whole time all I could say to myself was, “Don’t throw up in the car.” Aaron had just washed my car that morning and that would just really suck. As I pulled off the freeway at my exit, I knew I wasn’t going to make it all the way home. The first chance I got, I pulled over, opened my door and hurled my guts out! I have never done that before and I was mortified. There were so many people around!

I came home and went straight to bed but couldn’t really sleep. I was throwing up at least once an hour for the rest of the day and night. I am not sure what the deal was, but it was awful. The only thing I can think is that I overdid it this weekend. Yoga in the Park was hot and I then walked home 3 miles in the heat. I was pretty beat from that all day Saturday and then ran 15 miles the next morning. Sometimes when I over exert myself in the heat I get sick. Usually it is only one or two times and then I am good to go – this was something new.

My biggest thing is that I don’t want to be afraid to run longer distances. I am sure it wasn’t the 2 extra miles that made me sick and it was jut bad timing, but now I am going to be nervous as I increase my mileage. It doesn’t even feel like I ran 15 miles yesterday because I didn’t have a chance to enjoy it. Oh well – I have two more 15 mile runs on the calendar so I can try again!


3 thoughts on “A Great Accomplishment Flushed Down the Toilet

  1. Oh no! So sorry to hear you were sick but I it definitely sounds like heat exhaustion and over-extertion to me. You had this happen once in early summer, again in Chicago, and now a third time. I know you are very careful about hydrating and what you eat but maybe your body has an extra tough time with the heat. Hang in there!

    • modernation says:

      Yeah, that’s what I think it must have been. It didn’t seem too hot this weekend, but it was a lot hotter than it has been the last few weeks. So true – July, August and now September with heat exhaustion. I guess I am just a delicate flower. 😉

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