Making a Change

I am thinking I am going to change up my marathon training schedule. Nothing crazy, but I think I am going to change my long run days from Sunday to Saturday. It was really nice to get my long run out of the way yesterday and have the rest of the weekend to enjoy. Last night was my brother’s birthday party, so I knew I would not be in the mood to run 16 miles this morning.  We had a fun night playing Slosh Ball and eating Mexican food. Look at this insanely huge chair my brother’s girlfriend got him – it is hilarious (and surprisingly comfortable).

I have a few other Saturday events coming up during October that will require me to run my long runs on Saturday, so I might as well get used to it.  We have a wedding in  few weeks and then a Halloween party at our house on the 30th.

Saturday long runs also make the most sense with Aaron and my schedule and allows us the most time to spend with each other on the weekends. I really need to refocus my training (if you look at my marathon training page, this past week looks really ugly. Only two days of running and only 19 miles. Eeek.

Here is how I am think my weeks will go now.

Monday: Easy run
Tuesday: Speed work
Wednesday: Easy Run
Thursday: Tempo run
Friday: Rest
Saturday: Long run
Sunday: Rest

I also want to find a way to incorporate some yoga into my weekday schedule. Doing yoga the day before long runs clearly doesn’t work anymore. I have found some studios that have good introductory offers up by my new office, so it will just be a matter of finding a studio with a schedule that works for me.


One thought on “Making a Change

  1. kate says:

    Definitely a fan of long run Saturdays!

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