Sockless Run and a Race

Ahhh, Monday!  Today I was actually ready to go to work. I was happy that I wasn’t home sick like 7 days ago. And this weekend was so busy, work actually seemed like a break. I am really looking forward to this weekend. All I have this weekend is a short (HAHAHA) 14 mile run and hopefully some quality time with Aaron. Please note: I do not in any way, shape or form think 14 miles is easy – but it is a little drop in mileage from the last couple of weeks, and I will take it!

Speaking of running, I just could not get up this morning for my 5 mile run. The dog kept me up from 3AM to 4:30 flip flopping around in his kennel and licking himself like crazy. So I brought my clothes to work so I could stop at the park on my way home and get my run in. I like to stop at the park rather than coming home first. Once I am home, I just want to stay home and relax.

I got changed and work and as I pulled out my socks and unfolded them, out came one sock and one…HEADBAND?! Ugh – figures! My thought process went as follows:

I decided to go for the run, sockless. I have done it before, and as uncomfortable as it feels, once I started running I pretty much forgot I was sans-socks. To make my troubles worth it, I had a glass of wine when I got home!

In other news…I registered for a race today. I wish I could do races more often, but it really isn’t in my budget. I found a race that is reasonably priced and something totally different – the Clarksburg Country Run.

There are several different distances available at the race, but I will be doing the 20 mile course. Here is the description of the event

“Come on out for the 45th Annual Clarksburg Country Run.   Break away from the city and enjoy some small town hospitality.   Clarksburg offers a variety of race distances (kids’ races, 5km, 1/2 marathon,  and 20-mile) and you can enjoy a hot meal and a hot shower after the race.”

I am looking forward to the event. That day is my longest scheduled run – 22 miles. I think it will be a great atmosphere to celebrate my longest run to date. I will just have to find a way to tack on 2 extra miles before or after the event. It is 3 weeks before the marathon and I think it will be great motivation and practice for the big day.


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