You Know You Are Training for a Marathon If…

Tonight I was treated to dinner made by my lovely boyfriend. He made lasagna when whole wheat noodles, ground turkey, tomato sauce and pesto along with garlic bread and salad. He made dinner for me, his mom, my mom and his aunt. What a guy, right? It was great fuel for my 14 mile run tomorrow. Hopefully all the cheese I ate won’t affect my tummy too much tomorrow.

Today I was thinking about how our Friday night is a lot different than a lot of people my age. It got me thinking about how things are different when you are training for a marathon.

You know you are training for a marathon if:

1. You sleep in later on Fridays than you do on Saturdays
2. You think a 14 mile run is “a nice break”
3. Your morning can be made or ruined by what happens or doesn’t happen in the bathroom
4. You have more running shoes than regular shoes
5. When it’s laundry day you wash more running clothes than work clothes
6. It feels like your Runner’s World Magazine will never come
7. Your family checks your training schedule on the fridge to figure out where the hell you are

What are some other signs that you are a marathon runner – or a runner in general?


3 thoughts on “You Know You Are Training for a Marathon If…

  1. bridgette says:

    –You crave Hammer Gels
    –A 3 miler feels like a waste of time
    –You consider reading Runner’s World research

  2. Adam P says:

    -you won’t share your Jellybeans with children, but not because of selfishness

    -you chafe in places that you did not know could get chafed

    -you have salt stains on your running shirt

    -you want to peel your socks off, but are afraid to do so

    -you feel lazy seeing someone running when you are not-even though you ran 20 miles earlier that morning

    -you get used to having sore legs

    -you use up boxes of Band-Aid strips to PREVENT yourself from getting bloody cuts

    -you pride yourself on finishing a Saturday morning 20 mile run at a time when many people are still in bed, and then spend much of the afternoon napping

    -you make a note of which races have the best pre-race expos and post-race festivities

    -your Goodie bag is packed with ads for other races

    -you laugh when a friend brags about doing a six mile hike

    -you don’t think 12 miles constitutes a “long run”

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