1 Month of Hot Yoga

I subscribe to the one-day coupon email lists for both Groupon and Living Social. Each day I get an email letting me know about a special price on some sort of service at a local establishment. I was so excited to see this in my inbox last week:

I was seriously going to sign up at a different studio that day, but this was so much better. This studio is a very popular studio in town and is just minutes from my house.

Today was my first class and it was glorious. It has been awhile since I have practiced in a studio since I have been going to Yoga in the Park. The heat felt great and my body was craving a good stretch.  My knee is hurting after yesterday’s 14 mile run, so I wasn’t sure how that would feel, but it actually helped it.  I plan to go on Wednesday evenings and Sunday afternoons during my unlimited month! It will be a great time to kick up my yoga practice since I have some super long runs coming up:

18 miles this weekend
20 miles the following 2 weekends
22 miles two weeks after that

Not sure what is up with my knee.  It hurts on the inside, toward the middle of and below my right knee cap. I have been icing it often.  Any thoughts on what it could be?


One thought on “1 Month of Hot Yoga

  1. meme says:

    Too much running??? :>)))

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