I Forgot

I forgot how hard Bikram yoga is. I signed up for 1 month unlimited Bikram on Sunday and today was my first real Bikram class in over a year. A few years ago I went to Bikram quite often in San Diego, but lately have been opting for Power Vinyasa yoga.

Holy moly ! The class was amazing but it was though  The room was over 100 degrees and I was soaking wet. I was trying not to push too hard since I haven’t done Bikram for so long, but it really didn’t matter how hard I worked or not, I still felt like puking.

As I was lying on my mat before class started, the thought crossed my mind that this might not be a good idea. The last few months I have been getting sick and the only thing I can think of is that it is heat-related. Once in July, August and September when I over exerted myself in the heat, I wound up throwing up.

So far, I have no sign of getting sick. I came home and chugged some Gatorade, ate two turkey enchiladas Aaron had made and am drinking lots of water.  Crossing my fingers I am not affected by Bikram.

I am planning to go to yoga on Sundays and Wednesdays. I cannot imagine taking that class the day after a long run, so I think I will take the same Sunday class I took this week. It is not Bikram – the room is still warm (90 degrees) but it is a more meditative, Hatha yoga class. I think that will be a good mix – one Bikram class a week and one regular class.

By the way – the studio is right next to one of my favorite restaurants in town and I was really tempted to go in and drink a beer and scarf a pizza immediately after class, but it didn’t seem very Zen to me – plus I stunk!


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