Learn Something New Every (Long Run) Day

Every long run, I always learn something new. Sometimes I learn by struggling, and sometimes I learn by succeeding. Thankfully, today I learned by succeeding. I had a really great 18 mile run this morning. That is a personal distance record for me! There were a lot of new things on this run which I think gave me a renewed freshness that I needed.

– New playlist: I brought back some old favorites and some new hits

– New technology: this was my first run with my Garmin and I am so excited about my training potential with this new tool. I will dedicate a post to this soon.

– New clothes: I haven’t bought new running clothes in a long time, but this week I bought my first running skirt. I picked up a Nike running skirt for $15 at Marshalls. I have been meaning to give running skirts a try for awhile. I have been on the fence about them because I am not a girly girl and don’t think girls need to be “pretty” while they run.  But I tried this one on and it was really comfortable. I am not a huge fan of running shorts due to my own insecurities. It was really comfortable and stayed in place, but everytime I looked down at my legs, it didn’t look like me. The skirt is pink with black polka dots and I am not into pink. Plus my new shoes are pink. I felt like I should be playing tennis instead of running 18 miles.

I was also very strict with my fueling since last week I think I neglected that on my long run. I brought a bottle of Perpetuem and refilled it with water from drinking fountains twice. I also brought 3 Clif Shots and have one at mile 6, mile 11 and mile 14.

My energy level stayed up the entire run and I felt really strong the whole time. I accidentally messed up my Garmin at mile 2.8. I went in to try to change my settings to show minutes per mile for my pace instead of MPH. When I came back to the main screen it was zeroed out.  Oops! Luckily I knew how far I had gone, but by the time I got home, my Garmin only read 15.24 instead of 18. Oh well – live and learn.

I totally heart my Garmin already! Being able to see my pace real-time is amazing. I am already learning so much and can’t wait to see how it can improve my training. I think it’s going to be a great thing.

This week was so busy. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday I was up by 5 or 6 and not home until 9PM. Here is a little recap:

– Thursday: Girls on the Run board meeting. At the meeting I got approved to go to the Girls on the Run annual summit in January in Scottsdale.  I am so excited. Our council president is going but she thought there was too much stuff for one person and so they are sending me, too! It is going to be such an inspiring and fun 4 days! I can’t wait.

Speaking of Girls on the Run, our council director had a baby 5 weeks ago and we got her these super cute gifts:

How cute is that onesie and bib?  I am pretty proud that I came up with the idea.  I made them at InkTastic.com and it was so easy and they came really quick. I ordered them on Tuesday night, I think and it arrive today!

I am off to get my eyebrows waxed for the first time in probably two years and am super excited. AND I get my hairs cut next Wednesday for the first time since March, so that is exciting, too!

I am already sore from my run, so I will be vegging the rest of the day!


One thought on “Learn Something New Every (Long Run) Day

  1. Congrats on being invited to the summit – how exciting! The bib and onesie are too, too cute.

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