Still Can’t Believe This Happened

Can’t believe this really happened yesterday:

20 miles! When I started marathon training I couldn’t imagine running 20+ miles, but each week I got closer and closer and it seemed more and more realistic.

Can I just tell you that this was one of the hardest things I have ever done? It didn’t feel that much more physically hard, but mentally I struggled the entire time. For some reason, 20 miles just felt so much more daunting than 18.

If you can avoid it, I do not recommend running 20 miles entirely by yourself. I really wish I had a friend to run a portion of the miles with. It is a lot of time to spend by yourself and my mind started to play tricks on me. Ke$ha and Lady Gaga and Baby Bash were only able to distract me for so long.

I just kept reminding myself, “One step at a time.” And I made it. My average pace was 10:23 (not ideal), but the only thing I cared about was walking through the front door with my Garmin reading 20.0!

I spent a lot of my run contemplating my training and evaluating what I would have done different and have some goals for the last 6 weeks of training to try to keep myself healthy.  I will be posting those thoughts soon!


3 thoughts on “Still Can’t Believe This Happened

  1. meme says:

    So proud of you and your goal setting—AND DOING.

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