What Do You Do After Your Run 20 Miles?

What d you do after running 20 miles? Ice, stretch, nap, eat for the rest of the day? Check, check, check.  And then you go to a wedding, right? Right!

After my 20 mile run yesterday I had a few hours to eat, stretch, take an ice bath, nap for a couple hours and then I had to put on high heels and nylons and (gasp!) go to a wedding. Our friends Matt and Kelsey’s wedding just so happened to fall on the day of my 20 mile run! I was really worried about being able to walk (or even stand) in heels after the longest run of my life. But I actually felt great. I kept my shoes on the whole night and I even danced!

It was a great night with family and friends and the rain held off for the ceremony until we were all safely inside! Congrats to Matt and Kelsey. I have know both of them for about 15 years and am so happy for them! Jealous they are going to Kauai tomorrow, though!


3 thoughts on “What Do You Do After Your Run 20 Miles?

  1. meme says:

    All the pics are great…the one w/Kel between you and Bay is beautiful.

  2. meme says:

    Also the ones some Betty Kodak took of you and Aaron are good, but with perfect subjects like you 2 who could mess up!!!!????

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