Reevaluating and Readjusting

During my run on Saturday I had plenty of time to think about my training, what I wish I had done differently, and what I want the final 6 weeks of training to look like. I will evaluate my training again when it is all said and done, but I wanted to do a quick check in to make the most of my last few weeks. It is always a good idea to be flexible in your training plan.  The editors of Runner’s World may put together some great plans, but they don’t know how my body is going to react, so I need adjust as necessary.


  • Maintain fitness
  • Improve strength and flexibility
  • Stay “injury free”


  • Focus on 3 quality runs each week: I am initially planning to cut one of my runs each week out. This is to keep myself healthy. My knee still hurts pretty bad after runs, so my main goal is to make it to race day.
  • Add back strength training two days a week: I think my knee injury has a lot to do with a lack of strength training. I know I can’t make any huge changes in 6 weeks, but I will focus on strengthening my quads, glutes and core.
  • Cross train: I am planning to add one day of cycling to my weekly routine to help prevent over use injuries while maintaining my fitness. This will be tricky due to weather and daylight issues, so I may utilize my indoor trainer.
  • Attend yoga 1-2 days a week: Again, to prevent injury and keep my muscles loose. Yoga has really been helping m knee feel better, so I am going to keep it up!



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