Getting Pumped for the Marathon

As I sit here icing my knee, I am getting excited for the marathon. If I can be excited while running through an injury, then I must be really excited. Maybe I am just excited to be done with marathon training, but either way I am excited. With only two more super long runs (one 20 miler and one 22 miler), I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Other than those two runs, the longest run will be 15 miles, which amazingly seems like a cake walk right now.

Today I came home from work to a card from my bestie, Shelley. It was a “just because” card and it made me feel so loved.  I have the best friends and have been so busy lately that I feel a little out of touch, so it was nice to hear from her. Inside the card was a super cute 26.2 sticker that she was planning to give me in December when she visits after the race. But, she thought it might give me a little extra motivation in the final weeks of training.  She was right! Thanks, Shell – I love you!

Today I got to thinking about actual race weekend and how that is going to look. There will be a lot that needs to be coordinated and I don’t want to save it till the last minute. I will need to:

  • Take time off work: The race is Sunday and I think I am going to take Monday off for sure and possible a half or 3/4 day the Friday before so I can go to the Expo.
  • Deciding when I will go to the Expo. I want to go Friday so that it is all taken care of and I can relax all day Saturday. It just depends on the schedule of speakers, which hasn’t been announced yet.
  • Figure out how and at what time I will be heading to the race start. Usually Aaron drops me off at the start, but I think the drop off might be 2 miles from the start which doesn’t sound ideal.

I also got to thinking about fun things to do to get the whole family involved. I am really hoping the weather will at least be dry on marathon day. I am banking on having a lot of moral support and know my cheering crowd would be a little smaller if it was pouring rain. Since the race is in my hometown (and current town), the cheering section was a big factor in me choosing CIM as my first (and possibly only) marathon.

Do you have any fun ideas for the weekend of or night before a marathon? I was thinking I would have everyone over for a big pasta party and poster making party. I will supply the food and supplies if they provide the support! I think I will buy some iron-on letters to personalize my race-day outfit.

That brings up a whole ‘nother issue – what is a girl to wear?!  So much to do (and buy), so little time!


One thought on “Getting Pumped for the Marathon

  1. So glad you liked your card! And even more glad to hear that sticker did its job. 🙂 Can’t wait to celebrate a successful marathon run with you in December.

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