Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween. Are you dressed up today?  I am not dressed up today, but last night we had a party over here and we went all out. Aaron and I are admittedly horrible at coming up with costumes, so we decided on a theme to make it easy for everyone (and especially us). The theme of choice was White Trash. It meant we hardly had to buy anything for our costumes.

I was a not-so-responsible mother to be and walked around with a fake cigarette and cocktail all night. I also loaded up on blue eye shadow and red lipstick. We also carried the theme throughout the evening with trashy drinks like Jungle Juice mae with Hawaiian Punch.

And please don’t tell Jamie Oliver, but our food fit the theme, as well. All the food was beige or orange. I commented during the night that it was the most processed food we have ever had in our house. The menu included nutritional duds like:

  • Frozen chicken nuggets
  • Totinos pizza rolls
  • Tater tots
  • Pigs in a blanket
  • Doritos
  • Cupcakes

We had such a fun night and it definitely took me a little while to get going this morning. I am excited to see how many trick or treaters we get tonight. Last year we went to a family member’s house so this will be our first Halloween in our house on Halloween night.

Did you dress up?  What was your costume?


One thought on “Happy Halloween

  1. I dressed up on Saturday night as well and was one of the foods you had at your party – a cupcake!

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