Pulling Back

I am this close to going to work looking like this for the next few weeks:

It seems like everyone at work is dropping like flies. People are either walking around sniffling and coughing, or they are home with 100+ degree fevers. And heaven forbid people stay home and not infect the rest of the office.  People are running low on sick days since it’s the end of the year or else they are too busy to stay home. It is making me crazy – and paranoid!

I have a marathon in 29 days, people!

I am really worried about getting sick before the marathon. I hardly ever get sick (knock on wood) but when I am surrounded by germs 9 hours a day, there is only so much I can do.

I had 15 miles on my training schedule this morning, but have not been feeling 100% the past couple days. Yesterday my tummy felt off all day. I kept burping up stomach acid all day (gross – sorry!). And this morning my stomach still wasn’t settled and I had a pretty bad headache.

Rather than pushing the 15 miles, I cut my run down to 10 miles. I know that when you might be coming down with something, exercise can increase your immune system and help ward off the sickness, but too much exercise actually decreases your immune system.

I felt great during pretty much the whole 10 miles. Since I was decreasing my mileage, I increased my pace and finished the 10 miles in 1:35, a 9:30.mile pace.

The funny thing about marathon training is that it totally throws off your perception of what a long run is. I felt like a slacker running “only” 10 miles. But 10 miles is a big deal!

It is a beautiful Fall day here today and I am trying to decide how I want to enjoy it. Walk to the park with the dog? Lunch outside at one of my favorite places? Laying on the couch has been pretty awesome, also!



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