Yesterday was the NYC ING Marathon. The NYC Marathon is majorly popular with celebrities.  This morning when I got home from my 4 mile run and turned on the Today Show, Meredith and Al were wearing their medals from completing the race. I have to say, it got me excited. I could tell how proud and excited they were, but they were trying to be modest. I think I will act the same way after my 26.2.

It got me thinking about other inspirational people who raced yesterday:

The Chilean miner who trained in steel-toed boots underground running in the tunnels.  It made me think about how I take my training for granted. I get to run in a beautiful area, have gotten very lucky with weather, and I get to wear my lightweight Asics trainers. He finished in 5:40:51 – not too shabby!

Jared from Subway. While I kind of think Subway has milked the whole Jared thing for way too long, it is still amazing that someone who used to weight 400 lbs. ran a 5:13 marathon.

Bobby Flay finished in 4:01. I kind of remember from the latest issue of Runners World that he was hoping to break 4 hours. So close!

Only a couple celebs finished in under 4 hours. I wonder how much of that was because of how fast they can actually run, or how many pictures they had to stop and pose for along the way.

I am officially less than one month away from the big day and I kind of can’t believe it. I am starting to get really excited (and nervous). I only have one more really long run – 22 miles this Sunday. I am actually doing a 20 mile race and will then hopefully tack on 2 miles to the end. I am planning to treat Sunday like a dress rehearsal.  I will be posting more on this later in the week.


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