Dress Rehearsal

Tomorrow is my 20 mile race that I have been anxiously awaiting.

This 20 mile run is my last long run before I start tapering for the marathon.  It is supposed to be a 22 mile run, so my plan is to run 2 miles before the race starts.  I am going to use this race as a dress rehearsal for the marathon which I hope will help calm some nerves for race-day logistics.

Things I want to practice/figure out:

  • Timing my fuel pre-race. The race doesn’t start until 9AM and I have a 40 minutes drive to the race location. I am thinking I will most likely eat twice before start time – once at home and once one the way to the race or when I get there.
  • Bathroom logistics. One thing that concerns me about race day is potty stops. During my training runs I have been by myself on the trail.  When I have to “go”, I just stop at one of the restrooms on the trail and never have to wait in a line. I do not want stopping at porta potties to ruin my rhythm or my overall time. It should be interesting.
  • Fueling on the run. I am going to stick to my 5 mile plan I used on my 2nd 20 miler – Every 5 miles walk for .10 miles while refueling with Gu or mini Clif bar.
  • Hydration. I will have my water bottle with me and will start with it filled with Electrolyte Enhanced water.  I am also planning to bring a packet of Heed to add to plain water when I refill at aid stations.

Today I am also practicing taking it easy and resting (rough, huh?).  I headed to packet pick up today.  There wasn’t any swag other than some free almond samples, so I bought myself some swag – new socks and a couple packets of Recoverite.  I have been making my own Recoverite after long runs, but since I will be running a race 30+ minutes from home, I need to bring some with me for the drive home. Too bad I can’t bring an ice bath in the car!

Bib number 816.  That sounds lucky, right? There is no 5 in it, but 8+1+6=15 and that has a 5 in it! I haven’t ran a race in so long and it made me so excited. I definitely think one of my New Year’s resolutions should be to try to run more races.

What wasn’t part of the dress rehearsal plan was picking up Greek take out for lunch on the way home from packet pick up and grocery shopping. I had a falafel sandwich and a few Greek fries (garlic fries with feta).  Shame on me for dropping the ball on pre-race fueling, but hopefully it won’t come back to bite me in the butt tomorrow.


3 thoughts on “Dress Rehearsal

  1. andrea says:

    what would have been some good examples of pre-race fueling…good luck. I ran a 5 mile race today and im in pain!!!

    • modernation says:

      Well this morning I was more on track. Whole wheat toast with PB and banana, Organic bean and cheese burrito with whole wheat tortilla. Usually I try not to eat restaurant food the day before a long run or a race. I like to know what is in my food. And fried food isn’t usually the best for my stomach. Congrats on your 5 mile race. Did you take an ice bath and eat something right after? That really helps with recovery a lot!

  2. andrea says:

    no ice bath, i’ve never done that but since i love running now and want to keep dong races i guess ill have to embrace it. yes the party had tons of food ( i had a quarter pf a bagel) and then i had chick fil a, not the greatest choice but oh well. good luck again!!

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