The Joys of Tapering

Sunday’s 22 miler marked my final really long run. That means taper time. Unfortunately, I haven’t actually been tapering – I have just been resting. As Sunday progressed my worst nightmare began to become a reality. I felt myself getting sick. A long and stressful day at work yesterday didn’t help the situation. Hopefully Zicam will do the trick.

The best part of tapering is that I booked a massage for tonight. Oh boy, it felt so good! Relaxing and painful at the same time – in a good way. I went to Massage Envy because I couldn’t turn down the $39 introductory price. I had a great experience and actually wound up signing up for a membership. I am not sure about my decision, but I am rolling with it.

I sometimes have a hard time doing things for myself but I think I deserve ti spend $50 a month to take some time for myself.  What do you think? Have you ever been a member of Massage Envy? Did you like it? We will see. I am hoping to do more races next year, and this will be a good incentive. Feeling guilty, though. I’m sure I will feel fine about the decision come December 6th (the day after the marathon).


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