The Game Plan

With just about 2 weeks to go until the marathon (okay, 16 days to be exact) it’s time to make a plan. After fighting for weeks, my body final gave in and caught a cold. Boo! Sunday evening I started to feel the scratch in the back of my throat and by Monday I was fully sick. I wasn’t too surprised since everyone at work has been sick for weeks.  I think running 22 miles wore my immune system down enough that it gave in.

I have been resting this week because running in the cold while sick isn’t going to help anything.  I haven’t felt totally on my game lately because of this, so I want to map out a game plan for the next couple weeks.  This may change as I read more about last minute prep and get advice from my friend Bridgette.

  • No drinking starting Sunday (Thanksgiving doesn’t count, but limit to a couple glasses of wine)
  • No sweets starting Sunday (Thanksgiving doesn’t count, but limit to one piece of pie)
  • Yoga 2 days a week (this is optimistic)
  • 10K race on Thanksgiving
  • Eat clean – lots of fruits, veggies and whole grains
  • More sleep – try to go to bed 30 minutes earlier
  • Wear flat, closed toed shoes. I need to get some new work-appropriate flats that have some sort of support. Otherwise it will be sneaker city for me
  • Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

Anything you think I should add to the plan?  Take out?


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