Squeezing it In

Weathermen really aren’t that helpful.  All week, and last night, they kept telling me it was going to rain all day Saturday. So I planned to run my 15 miles on Sunday.  But low and behold I woke up to sunny skies. I was not prepared to run 15 miles this morning. I need to mentally prepare for anything over 10 miles and I just wasn’t ready. I also like to have a good pasta dinner the night before a long run and I had Thai food last night instead.

As the day went on and the skies stayed pretty clear, I was able to wrap my head around the fact that I needed to get a run in today in case it rained all day Sunday. It was chilly so I bundled up in a very fashionable outfit. I now wish I had taken a photo, but try to imagine:

  • Long black running tights
  • Bright orange longsleeve shirt
  • Light blue short sleeve tech tee
  • Purple mittens
  • Burgundy ear warmer

Since I have been sick all week, this was my first real run of the week (I snuck in 1.3 miles a few days ago).  I made it 8 miles before I called it quits. My chest was super tight and I had a hard time getting a deep breath.

About an hour after I got home it started raining and hasn’t stopped since. Glad I got some sort of a long run in! Now just have to get and stay healthy for two more weeks.  Tomorrow kicks off my two week game plan before the marathon.  I’m ready for it to be here already!


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