One Flow Yoga

I am notorious for trying a billion different yoga studios. Maybe I just haven’t found my yoga home yet?  Well, I think I may have found it. One Flow Yoga is a new studio in town and it is literally spitting distance to my house.

The owner, Kate, is a teacher I have taken classes from at another local studio.  I have also take a few private sessions with her while I tagged along with my Dad. She is a tough instructor, but also very nurturing (is that the right word?).  Why do I think One Flow might be the place for me?

  • It is a small studio
  • It is close to home
  • They have early morning classes that fit my schedule (5:45-6:45)
  • The two instructors are women I have taken classes from in the past (the other teacher is Gina who teaches Yoga in the Park)

Friday morning was my first class at 5:45 am. There were only 3 of us in the class! It was like a semi-private session – for $7!! Today was my second class and while there were 12 people in the class, it was still intimate and holy crap – it was HARD.

We did a lot of strength moves and every muscle was shaking! My muscles are jello now!

Busy day ahead. I have a Girls on the Run meeting, need to pick up my packet for my Thanksgiving 10K, make a trip to Target and then we have dinner at some friends’ house!

Happy Sunday!


One thought on “One Flow Yoga

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