Thankful for my Last Hard Run

Today was my last hard run before the marathon.  I have 12 miles planned for Saturday (maybe Sunday since it’s gonna rain on Saturday), but I will take that nice and easy. This morning was the Run to Feed the Hungry. I have done the race every year other than two years we were in San Diego for Thanksgiving.

The Run to Feed the Hungry is the largest Thanksgiving Day race in the country.  We are talking 30,000 people.  Normally I walk the 5K with my mom, but this year I did the 10K solo since I have the marathon in 9 days.  I didn’t have any expectations for the race and was just going to run as fast as I felt comfortable doing.

It was SOOO cold this morning. The coldest Thanksgiving Day morning in Sacramento’s history!!!  It was 28 degrees when I made the .5 mile walk to the start area. Luckily the 30,000 other runners kept me warm.

The 10K was so much less crowded than the 5K and I was able to keep a good pace the entire time.  I was happy with my finish time of 55 minutes. An 8:48 pace!

Now my hunger is in full swing. I came home and showered and was eating a bowl of pesto tortelini at 10:30 am.  Typical, right?  I am still hungry. It is a good day to run hard because there will not be a shortage of food today. We are doing some cooking before heading over to meet up with the family!



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