2010 Holiday Gift Guide

Happy Black Friday!  I am steering clear of the malls, but I have to say I was tempted by the 3AM Khols sale and 4AM Target sales. Have you seen those Target commercials?  When I shop, I feel it riiiiiiiight here. While I am not out getting trampled at Walmart over the next great gadget, I can still get excited about holiday gift giving and receiving.

To me the best gifts are always things the person wants but wouldn’t spend the money on. That goes for fitness or any type of gift.  Today I have the second installment of the holiday gift list for active friends and family. Some are things I already own, so I know how awesome they are.  Others are things I have had my eye on.

Road ID
Safety first. I do not have a RoadID, but probably should.  I am bad about carrying ID  with me and the Road ID provides identification, emergency contact and any pertinent health information in case anything were to happen to you out on the road.

VITA Band is similar to a RoadID in that it stores all of your health information and emergency contact information. But VITA Band goes above and beyond by storing this information online so it can be easily updated and also store more information. VITA Band also has contactless payment where you can load money on a debit card and just swipe it at any vendor who takes contactless payment.

18 Rabbits Bars
I am absolutely in love with 18 Rabbits bars, but they are a special treat because they are pricey. They are worth every penny, but it’s hard for me to buy more than a few at a time. My favorite flavor is Cherry Cheeky Chocolate. They are great to have in my purse for those hectic days where I absolutely cannot grab a meal. I am usually not satisfied without a real meal, but these bars are a hearty snack I actually look forward to.  They sell them on Amazon, at Whole Foods, Peet’s Coffee and their website.  Yum!

Garmin Forerunner 305
Any Garmin is a good gift.  They are pricey, so they would be a good gift for that special someone.  I got myself this as a gift when I received my incentive money from my Active Ambassador sponsorship. I love it and it has really changed the way I train!

Running Store Gift Certificates
Always good for the athlete who has everything but can always use more!

Race Entry
I asked for race entry last year for Christmas for the Wine Country Half Marathon. I got a check for the entry from my parents but the July race had already sold out! I rolled it over and used it for registering CIM instead!

Yoga Packages
If you know a friend’s favorite yoga studio, you can purchase a gift certificate to the studio or buy them a 5 class package. This is on my list this year since I have found my new yoga home!

Allied Steel Race Medal Display
This is totally on my list this year. The only issue is where to hang it and how (our walls are made of cinder blocks. Anyone who competes in races knows that you collect race bibs and finishers medals with the hopes of finally finding a cool way to display them. This is it! The one I have my eye on is the My Race Bling. I don’t want one specific to a sport since I have running, triathlon and cycling races. What to do with those race bibs? Turn them into a gym bag! I really want to do this sometime. I wonder if I have enough.

What’s on your wish list this year?


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