Marathon Goals

We are officially 1 weeks away from the marathon and it’s time to set some goals. Let me be frank – my #1 goal is just to get my feet across that finish line and cross another item off my Fitness Bucket List. But I also have some other goals in mind to keep me motivated. Of course, I never know what will happen on race day, what the weather will be like and how my body will feel. So I am prepared to adjust my goals as needed to get across the finish line.

Non-time Goals

  • Stay positive and enjoy the experience. A marathon is a big deal. I want to make sure I look around and enjoy the race, the crowds and the excitement.
  • Take is step by step. Breaking the marathon into small, 5-mile segments will allow me to not get overwhelmed
  • Don’t go out too fast. I did that in my 20 mile race and paid for it at the end.

Time Goals

  • Jersey Shore Fist-Pumping “Reach” Goal: Sub 4:10 finish. This would be nuts if it happened. The stars would have to align, the weather would have to be perfect, and everything would go according to plan.
  • Super Happy B Goal: 4:20 finish. This would be a sub-10:00/mile pace and would make me very happy.
  • Still Pleased C Goal: Sub 4:30 finish. This feels definitely doable, so unless something major happens, I should be able to hit this time goal.

I really don’t know what to expect from the marathon. I have never run more than 22 miles, I don’t know how my body will react to the adrenaline and what the weather will be like.

I am nervous about the unknown, but that is what life is all about. It’s easy to stay in our comfort zone and not try new things, but where’s the fun in that?!

It really doesn’t feel like the marathon is really going to be here in 7 days. I have been training for so long, I kind of thought I would just always be in training.



One thought on “Marathon Goals

  1. I love how you’re going to break the marathon up into 5 mile sections – such a good idea not to get overwhelmed. Also, what a good idea to have three tiers of goals in case one doesn’t work out you’re still achieving!

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