Appreciating the Journey

As I was freaking out about feeling slow, out of shape and just generally not prepared for the marathon (I swear, tapering messes with your head), I decided it would help to look back on my training and how far I have come and how much work I have put in.  Time to reminisce.

Introduction of recovery points (I dropped the ball on this)

First Tempo run of training

Getting motivated

Back to double digits

Bought myself a Garmin – a game changer!

The infamous 15 mile run that lead to me puking for a whole day

First 20 mile run

Second 20 mile run (much better than the first)

20 mile race (22 mile run)

I definitely made adjustments during training. Starting a new job in September and having knee issues threw me for a bit of a loop.  But I reacted and didn’t give up.  I m pretty impressed that I ran one 18 mile run, two 20 mile runs, and one 22 mile run. That is pretty hardcore!!


4 thoughts on “Appreciating the Journey

  1. Kate says:

    That is SUPER hardcore!

  2. No matter what happens you are a WARRIOR! If I ever run more than 5 miles in one stretch in my whole life, I’d consider it a huge victory. You running 18, 20, 22, and soon to be 26.2 miles astounds me. You. Are. Awesome!

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