Interesting To Do List

Today I ran around running last minute errands before the marathon. I wanted to get as much done today as possible so Saturday I would be able to stay off my feet as much as possible. The list of errands were all over the place:

– BevMo! A liquor store probably isn’t on most people’s pre-marathon to-do list, but I am all about the celebration after. I picked up a couple mini bottles of champagne and some beer.  Can’t wait to pop the bubbly!

– Goodwill. I picked up some toss sweats since it is going to be chilly (and maybe rainy at the start)

– Expo! Bridgette and I thought we would get there at the beginning to avoid the crowds. No such luck – it was crowded and not quite as organized as I had anticipated. But we still had fun people watching, gathering goodies and we even got to attend Happy Hour at the Clif booth. I can’t wait to see Bridgette’s photo of use getting “smashed” off Clif Shot Blocks and sports drink. We were having a great time with the Clif people and hope we make it on their blog! They thought the Happy Hour idea was pretty priceless.

After picking up our packets we helped at the Girls on the Run booth and getting people checked in for the MaraFUN Run on Sunday. How cute is it that the Girls on the Run girls will be running 2.62 miles the same morning I am running 26.2?!

Tomorrow is all about resting and preparing. We might go see a movie, decorate for the holidays and get some groceries for our carbo loading tomorrow!AHHHHHH – it’s really here. I am so excited.



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