My Bags Are Packed

I’m ready to run. I’m standing here all dressed in green.

Okay, that was super lame. But I’m a dork 🙂 I tried on my marathon outfit to make sure everything fit comfortably and didn’t look too hideous (how great can spandex really look?). I had Aaron take a picture so I could email it to all my friends and family who will be out on the course so they know who to look for in the sea of runners.

Today has been all about final prep. I got a solid 9 hours of sleep before waking up to get everything ready. My fuel is organized, my clothes are ready, and I have all the things I will need after the finish ready for Aaron to bring with him.

I charged my Garmin, iPod and camera battery and besides that have been staying off my feet. We made a quick trip to Home Depot to pick up a Christmas tree and then went to see a movie. We saw Love and Other Drugs.

Boo! I was really disappointed. I felt so bad that Aaron had to sit through that movie. I really like Anne Hathaway and Jake Gylenhall, but this was pretty lame. There wasn’t much story line, it was way longer than it needed to be and we really didn’t need to watch them have meaningless sex a hundred times to get that both characters liked to do it. Quote from Aaron, “Even though I like boobies, that many boobies wasn’t necessary. BOOBIES!” If that doesn’t sum it up, I don’t know what to tell you. It was pretty tough to sit through. But the good thing is that thinking about how bad the movie was distracted me from the fact that I have a marathon to run tomorrow!

You know what’s also lame? Tomorrow’s forecast.

Oh well that’s the name of the game. Time to go over my game plan and get my head in the game. You can track me tomorrow if you are so inclined. It isn’t text message tracking, but online tracking. Here is the link and my bib number is 7569.

Okay, writing this is giving me major butterflies  – gotta go!


One thought on “My Bags Are Packed

  1. andrea says:

    Good Luck!!!

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