Flapjack 5K Fun Run

This morning was my first run since the marathon. I decided to participate in the Flapjack 5K that takes place every year, just around the corner from our house. The run benefits our neighborhood elementary school and comes complete with a pancake breakfast after. I was excited to run again but didn’t know how my body would feel. I wasn’t trying to hit any time goals on this run, just have fun.

It was really hard to reset my Garmin this morning because I didn’t want to delete that 26.35 mile accomplishment. But then I realized nothing will ever delete that from my memory! This race was a complete 180 from last week’s marathon – and the change was welcome. Let’s compare:

  • I woke up at 7AM this morning instead of 3:45AM last Sunday
  • I registered for the race 45 minutes before the gun went off. For CIM I registered 5 months before race day.
  • I think I may have been the only woman in my age group today compared to close to 500 last week
  • The race was all about the kids and it was so fun to just run through the neighborhood with my fellow residents
  • I wasn’t nervous about what I ate the night before or what time I went to bed. Aaron and I had a super fun date night last night complete with braised lamb shank, risotto and wine.

I walked down to the race start and everything kicked off at 8:30. I felt surprisingly good at the start. I felt pretty fresh. Around mile 2, though, my left IT band started to hurt and get tight. Nothing I couldn’t push through, though.

I finished 3.2 miles in 28 minutes for a pace of 8:45. I had so much fun just being out there running. No iPod, no crowds, to pressure!


2 thoughts on “Flapjack 5K Fun Run

  1. Sounds like fun! Were there a lot of kids doing the run?

    • modernation says:

      It was mostly all kids and their parents. And they have a shorter run for the really little kids. I think the Flapjack 5K is going to be our fall GOTR race next year instead of CIM.

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