What a Weekend

This weekend was a whirlwind. So busy! Here is a quick recap:

  • Aaron and I had a fabulous date night on Friday night. Dinner at a new restaurant called The Press Bistro after drinks at one of our favorite bars.

  • Saturday I ran the Flapjack 5K in my neighborhood.

  • Bought a patio set from our neighbor who was having a garage sale. $110 for high-quality table, umbrella, stand and 4 comfy chairs? Yes, please!

  • Ran a bunch of errands for work, Girls on the Run and Dude Food.
  • Cooked all day Saturday to cater a Christmas party for Dude Food.
  • Girls on the Run board retreat Sunday afternoon.

One thought on “What a Weekend

  1. 1. Tell me more about the food you had at The Press. 2. You look so cute in your running outfit! 3. Can’t wait to sit in the patio set and enjoy its comfiness. 4. Tell me more about what you made for DudeFood. 5. You’re helping girls be awesome in fitness and in life.

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