Holiday Shopping Survival Guide

This morning I set out to finished the rest of my shopping list. I had 5 people and 3 stops to make – including the MALL! I crossed my fingers and set out. The results? Success! While I was watching all the crazy people out, I started thinking about tips to survive holiday shopping – especially as it gets close to Christmas.

  • Stay calm. Don’t hope that the mall won’t be crowded – it will! Just know it will take awhile and you will get a lot less stressed.
  • Embrace the holiday spirit. Nothing makes me more mad than people who are out shopping for Christmas presents and are total assholes. That just doesn’t seem right. Remember that it is the holiday season and be kind. Put money in the Salvation Army bucket, give up a parking spot for someone else and SMILE! You will be surprised how much more enjoyable the experience is.
  • The internet is your friend. Obviously doing all our shopping online will save you from all the craziness, but even if you don’t buy your gifts online, use the internet for research. It always helps me so much to know what I am looking for and where I might be able to find it. Walking around aimlessly looking for “something for grampa” is much more daunting than knowing I am looking for pants and a sweater for grampa.
  • Don’t try to park in the front row. I always laugh when I see people in a line of cars looking for the closest parking spot. I park far away and walk. It winds up actually saving time, my sanity and walking is good for you!

If you are prepared for the crowds, it really isn’t that bad. I have been making good progress on my to do list for the weekend:

  • Laundry
  • Clean the office
  • Organize my room (mostly just put away all the clothes in piles on the floor and in the closet)
  • Finish XMAS shopping. Still have 4 people to shop for
  • Ship gifts
  • Set up my bike trainer in the office
  • Use said bike trainer
  • Catch up on Girls on the Run stuff
  • Grocery shopping

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