Christmas in a Cup

Last year I tried Trader Joe’s Gingerbread Coffee and fell in love. I was caught off-guard when they removed it from the shelves and have been patiently awaiting its return all year. This year I hope I can stock up before Gingerbread Coffee goes into hibernation again.

To me, this coffee isn’t good only around the holidays – it is perfect all year. See, when I make plain coffee, I always add cinnamon and sometimes also include cloves and nutmeg. TJ’s Gingerbread Coffee is coffee spiked with real ginger, cinnamon and gloves.  It takes all the work out of it.

I am a big fan if Trader Joe’s coffee in general. My go-to is Joe’s Dark whole bean coffee that I grind right in the store. It is only $3.99 for the whole can and lasts me about a month (I am a one-cup per day gal and Aaron won’t touch the stuff). The Gingerbread Coffee is a little more luxe with a whopping price of $6.99 😉 Last year I even sent some to friends for Christmas!


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