Reviewing Last Years’ Resolutions

I recently looked back at my goals for 2010 that I set at the end of the year. It is kind of funny to look back and read what I was thinking a year ago. You can read all about the goals I set here and here. But here is a quick recap and how I did on meeting the goals:

– Floss everyday. FAIL
– Write everyday: EHH – not everyday, and not book ideas like I planned.
– Talk on the phone with out-of-town friends more often: FAIL – this will be back on this year’s list
– Drink more water. GOOD
– Help others. AWESOME! In May I started volunteering with the local Girls on the Run Chapter and by the end of the year I am not President of the Board of Directors and am heading to the national summit on January 16th.
– Cut back on sweets. FAIL – I think nightly desserts are just something I need to budget for. Plus I know work in an office full of candy. BOO!
– Incorporate variety into my routine. Pretty good. Did a lot more yoga this year, trained for another century ride.
– Focus on my nutrition. NOT SURE – this goal was way too vague. I waiver and have good and bad weeks.
– Save money. NOT POSSIBLE. But in the last 2 months I did start transferring $25 a week from my checking to my savings – it’s something.
– Get my running fitness back. AWESOME – training for a marathon counts I think! 😉

– Cheap date nights: EHH. We did this for a few months but then fell off the wagon. We have already discussed adding it back again.


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