Goals for 2011

The new year is right around the corner and that means it’s goal time. I am highly motivated by setting goals and like to set challenging yet attainable goals. My goals are always changing but here are some I have for 2011 so far:

– Race more. I have already mentioned I am trying to enter more races next year. I have already registered for 3!
– Do more strength training. We joined a brand new gym that should open in January and I hope to add some serious strength training to my routine. My running will hopefully improve along with my figure.
– Save money. I started saving $25 a week a couple months ago as a fund for fun, travel or emergencies. I want to at the very least continue that and hopefully increase that.
– Try new recipes. In 2010 I discovered I really like sweet potatoes. And they are so good for me! I want to try new healthy recipes to mix things up.
– Sign up for a CSA. This was so great in San Diego and I want to do it again.
– Fine tune my diet. When I am not in training I am not careful with my diet. I am an “everything in moderation” girl, but I all too often forget about the moderation part.
– Take Girls on the Run to the next level.


2 thoughts on “Goals for 2011

  1. Simply Life says:

    Great goals! I recently posted about a chili with sweet
    potatoes that I love!

  2. […] of my resolutions is to eat new healthy foods and
    consistently add new foods to my diet. My goal is to strive to fuel

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