Runners World Smart Coach App

I got an iPhone a couple weeks ago and immediately went App Shopping! One I am really excited about is Runner’s World Smart Coach. Here’s the description:

Looking for a training plan, customized to your individual running ability, that will have you in top shape for your next race? Whether you are a beginner just looking to finish or a veteran looking to run your fastest time ever, Runner’s World SmartCoach can help.

The Runner’s World SmartCoach is an iPhone app that combines science, mathematics, and 40 years of collective running wisdom to bring you a proven, individualized training program. You can use it to generate training plans for races from the 5-K to the marathon.

With SmartCoach, you can:
• Answer a few short questions and receive a training plan tailored to your current fitness level.
• Generate training plans for these race distances: 5-K, 8-K, 5 miles, 10-K, 15-K, 10 miles, 20-K, half-marathon, and marathon.
• Create a training plan as long as 16 weeks in duration.
• View your workouts a day or a week at a time.
• Select your training distances to display in either miles or kilometers.
• Create or view your training plan without a 3G or wi-fi connection.

I set up a training plan that starts tomorrow for my upcoming half marathon on March 13th. It is a 10 week plan – ranging from 20-32 miles per week.  I am hoping I can hang since I haven’t run more than 2.5 miles since the marathon. MUST.FOAM.ROLL. DAILY.  The foam roller and yoga will be my saving grace (I hope).

Do you have any iPhone Apps you recommend? I’m in the market for useful, FREE apps – not a lot of mindless time-suck apps.


2 thoughts on “Runners World Smart Coach App

  1. […] the races a register for.  I have never actually trained specifically for a 10K, so I enlisted the Runner’s World Smart Coach App to help me out.  It takes the guess work out of it.  I entered in a recent race time (54:00 10K), […]

  2. […] I used my Smart Coach app again for my workout.  Tuesdays are speedwork days.  On the agenda today […]

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