Hot Spinning

We live in a 3 bedroom house and our extra bedroom is our office, guest room and now cycling studio! I keep my home-gym equipment in the office for at-home workouts. I canceled my gym membership when I started marathon training. We joined a new gym this fall, but it was under construction and doesn’t open until this week.

Since the marathon, I haven’t been able to run long distances because my IT band has been acting up. And the weather has made it hard to get out and run or ride my bike. The solution? Set up the indoor trainer.

The unique thing about our office? It is the hottest room in the house! We keep the door shut, and the heater works so well in that room – almost too well. The result is HOT SPINNING – and I love it! It can be 30 degrees and raining outside and I am in my cycling shorts and sports bra spinning away and sweating like crazy. Oh – and I can read a magazine while I ride! Not too bad.

I have done a couple 30 minute spin sessions and put on my iPod and ride away! While I prefer riding outside in beautiful weather, the trainer is a great alternative.


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