New Year, New Gym

This morning I visited our new gym.  We joined Crunch Fitness a couple months back and it just opened this week! Man have I missed lifting real weights! I have a pretty good collection of at-home equipment including:

–          Balance Pods
–          Stability ball
–          Medicine Ball
–          Resistance Bands
–          8 lb. free weights
–          Foam roller

Even with all that equipment, it just isn’t the same. I got to rock the leg press this morning with 45 pound plates on each side – I can’t do that at home! I am also excited to attend some fun classes.  I really like Crunch’s philosophy:

There are no judgments here – not too much or not enough, no glares of disapproval. Here we keep open minds. We are nurturers. We seek only to encourage, empower and entertain. There is no one type. There is no one reason. There is no one way. What we are is a diverse community; what we have is a culture of fun; what there is, is room for everyone: all kinds of people with all kinds of goals who’ve chosen to reach them with us.

All of the equipment was brand-spankin’ new, the place was empty (which I’m sure will change), and you can’t beat the price – $0 down and $9.95 a month.  That is 33 cents a day to stay active and fit! I am excited to try some of their classes which seem fun and exciting. The classes I want to try are BOSU Bootcamp and TRX.  They have some 30 minute classes which will be nice. 60 minute classes sometimes become time sucks, and this way I can go to a class and do my own thing without being at the gym for 3 hours!

The other thing I am so excited about? They have a whole set of Kettlebells! I have been wanting to try Kettlebells for so long but haven’t bit the bullet to pay for it. I need to look up some Kettlebell moves to try out!

Are you a gym rat or at-home exerciser? I like to do a combination or gym, at-home and outdoor workouts.


2 thoughts on “New Year, New Gym

  1. Lexi says:

    That’s a really good gym deal. I love taking advantage of
    cycling classes. I’m really able to push myself to the next level.
    Enjoy your new gym!

  2. Wow, Crunch sounds awesome. Glad you are liking it so much. I have become a home exerciser (or use our little apartment gym) but I really miss having a “real gym.”

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