I’m Here

Ay yi yi – I have totally fallen off the map, huh? Shame on me – but things have been crazy! When we got engaged I promised myself that Modernation would NOT become a wedding planning blog. But I didn’t mean for it to become no blog at all. Oops! Here’s what I have been up to as of late:

  • Super crazy at work – trust me, I’d rather be busy than not busy, but lately things have just been out of control. Oh well, it always gets done!
  • Girls on the Run – now that I am Board President there seems to be more to do. Plus, our Spring season is starting in a few weeks so that means coaches training and coordinating with 18 programs! Last night was our first coaches training and that meant I was up at 5AM and not home until 10PM.

Tomorrow kicks off a week of being away from home more than I am home. First two days of work in Napa (rough, I know) and then Sunday I head to Scottsdale for the Girls on the Run national Summit.

Oh yeah – and I want to get married in 8 months! No big deal, right?

Since every part of my life seems to be spinning like crazy right now, I am trying to set goals for each month that I need to accomplish so that the train keeps moving toward the station. Here’s what needs to happen in January (so far):

  • Upload CIM photos to GOTR website, Facebook
  • Order GOTR branded totes
  • Secure date and location for wedding
  • Run 4 miles without pain (my IT band has been getting better slowly)
  • Build up to running 6 miles (this feels so weird since I ran 26.2 a month ago)

Doable? I hope so. I really want to secure a location and date sooner rather than later – cross you fingers. Maybe this will become a wedding blog (just kidding).

P.S. Hi to my co-worker, Monica, if you are still reading! I promise workouts coming soon – but check out some fo the old ones!


3 thoughts on “I’m Here

  1. Kate says:

    I missed your engagement! How exciting. Congratulations and felicitations!

  2. Will do, thanks! Also so jealous of your celeb chef run in:)

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