One Night in Napa

Somedays work stresses me out and I think I am going to go crazy. Other days it is so fun I forget it is actually work. This week I had a little of both, but luckily got to wrap it up with lots of fun with great coworkers and great clients. We have new client in Napa and Thursday we went down for all-day meetings, dinner, drinks and then got to spend the night in a Downtown Napa property. And mixed in there, I may or may not have chased Tyler Florence down the street.

Tyler just opened a new restaurant in Napa called Rotisserie and Wine.

As I pulled into the parking lot of the Napa River Inn, who was walking through the lot? Tyler Florence himself! I stopped the car and waved to him like we were old buddies. He kept walking. When I told my friend who was walking down the street he proceeded to confirm I had my iPhone on me, grabbed my hand and took off running down Main Street. This is not normal behavior for me. I like to pretend I am too cool to freak out over the presence of celebrities (emphasis on pretend).

Tyler was already inside the restaurant, tasting the night’s menu. We tried to have him let us in. It didn’t happen. But, we came back later that night like normal people for dinner. And it was fabulous.

Everything is served family style and we all left stuffed. We tried pretty much everything – from lamb ribs and roasted chicken to whipped yams and bananas, collard greens and even duck confit waffles. Everything was fabulous, creative and unique. The only disappointment was the prochetta which was a little dry. But there was plenty of other stellar dishes to compensate.

After an evening of food and wine, we strolled back to our home away from home at The Napa River Inn which I am just in love with.

My room was adorable and comfortable, and any hotel room that comes with bathrobes gets brownie points. And to top it off, your stay includes breakfast at Sweetie Pies next door to the hotel.

It doesn’t get much cuter than that!


2 thoughts on “One Night in Napa

  1. Have you eaten at Tyler’s new restaurant in SF, Wayfare Tavern? It’s phenomenal!

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